For Sale by Owner Services

Clear Realty™ arranges for you to have complete access to all five Sell-Star tools giving you everything you need to understand what buyers most want in a home including: Sell-Star’s excellent Price tool helping you to hone in on pricing your home, Sell-Star’s Prepare tool guiding you on making ready your home for sale, Sell-Star’s Promote tool showing you exactly how to market your home, and the Sell-Star Profit tool assisting you with negotiations with home buyers.

Your access to the Sell-Star tools comes from a professional marketing company, Fierce Marketing™, which Creed Smith owns (Creed owns Clear Realty™, Fierce Marketing™, Sell-Star™, and several related patents, trademarks, and pending patents associated with these firms).

As a For Sale By Owner you are selling your home on your own using access to Sell-Star™ tools provided solely by Fierce Marketing™. Clear Realty™ is in no way a part of your home sale, cannot advise or advocate for you, and is a wholly separate entity from Fierce Marketing™.

Fierce Marketing’s fee for full access to Sell-Star™ tools is a flat, upfront, one-time $950. Clear Realty™ receives no money from you or Fierce Marketing™ as part of this referral agreement.

If later you choose to hire Clear Realty through their Full-Service option, your 4% Full-Service fee is discounted by $950.