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Your Sell-Star™ System is 100% customized for your home and your neighborhood–informing you of your home’s current value, monitoring which qualities of your home create the greatest value, defining remodeling projects giving you the greatest return-on-investment, and forecasting your home’s likely value into the future–while warning you of any potential downturns in your real estate market. 

Your Sell-Star™ System is 100% customized to your exact home.

Selling at the top of the market makes you a lot more money than selling at the bottom.

Your Sell-Star System forecasts when the value of your home and homes in your neighborhood will go up, flatten, or decline.


Controlling your home’s value is not difficult and it’s just about the smartest investment you can make.  Using your Sell-Star™ System you control your home's value automatically and instantly.

The average home in the general real estate market is irrelevant.

What is going on with your home and your neighborhood is what you need to know about. That's exactly what is on this screen.

Your Sell-Star PRICE tool amplifies your home's value for every quality it has buyers demand–remodeled kitchen, new paint, finished basement, three-car garage–your home gets a bump in value based on each of thousands of qualities it has.

Your Sell-Star Value-Amp ensures you finally get a value based on everything your home has.


The secret is knowing exactly which qualities create the greatest value increases in your home, over time adding these qualities that both you and future buyers love, then thoughtfully timing the market so you sell at the top—and not at the bottom.

Your Sell-Star PRICE Tool is the only online home valuation system 100% customized for your home.  Control your home's value automatically and effortlessly.


Some remodeling projects create greater value for your home than others.

Most remodeling reports are generic, with return-on-investment based on the average home. Instead, your Sell-Star shows the quality enhancements creating the greatest return on investment for your home.

Presented are the projects with the greatest impact on your home's value, your immediate value increase, and the years to total return-on-investment.

Controlling your home's value is automatic and effortless using the Sell-Star™ System as your personal advisor in home ownership, with every analysis 100% customized to your exact home in your exact neighborhood.  Your Sell-Star™ System was created so you control your home’s value™ the entire time you live there.


Sell-Star™ is a no-strings-attached gift from us to you: your free, private, password protected control panel 100% customized to your exact home.