Creed Smith Broker/Owner Clear Realty:

  • Homes sold for sellers like you View Report.
  • Licensed real estate broker in Colorado since 1987.
  • Master of Science in Marketing degree Colorado State University.
  • Bachelor of Business Administration degree Kent State University.
  • Inventor of the Sell-Star System.
  • Holds four US Patents in real estate technologies.

control your home’s value™
throughout your ownership lifecycle

  • Software and design patents held and pending for Automated Valuation Models, Home Search Algorithms, Market Analysis Systems, Artificial Intelligence Algorithms, and for the Clear Realty™ yard sign (yes it really is patented “D778,364”).


  • Owner/Founder of the real estate technology company QValue.
  • QValue’s Automated Valuation Model was a finalist in the “Most Innovative Real Estate Technology” category in 2015.

QValue is a new automated valuation model(AVM). QValue AVM software mimics having every buyer in your neighborhood walk into your home. tell you exactly what they desire - and how much they'll pay to get it. The software also makes it simple for home sellers to compare the value of their home to other similar ones in the neighborhood.


Most Innovative Technology Real Estate Industry 2015


Broker vs. bot: And the winner is...

  • On April 27, 28 and 29, inman pitted a bot against a broker to identify which was better at predicting buyer prefrences.
  • The bot won the top spot - the buyer's favorite home -- all three days.

The bot belongs to Creed Smith, a Denver-area broker who's been working on his pet technology project for quite some time. His bot, "Find More Genius," is an algorithm for use on websites, both desktop and mobile devices.

The results: High-level summary 

On each of the three days, the home that rebchook selected as his favorite was picked by the bot. The bot picked two out of three of Rebchook's top three favorite homes every day. The brokers picked one out of three of his top three favorite homes every day. 
"I couldn't really differentiate between what the bots picked and the humans picked," Rebchook said, "I tried to find a pattern to the picks, but could not, I guess if computers can beat us at chess and Go, they can best us at picking houses, too."

  • While you may also work with Clear Realty™ brokers other than Creed please rest assured they share the same deep commitment for using their skills and our technologies to change the entire real estate industry and make your home sale a successful—even a magical experience. Give us a chance to show you how.