If you remember only one thing today it’s Value Amp™ from Sell-Star™.

Clear Realty™ is a highly skilled group of real estate professionals with the single focus of maximizing your home’s value while minimizing your time on market.

But so much of what makes this possible is both you and I understanding the exact qualities buyers for homes like yours most demand.

Using Value Amp™ you and I sit down and instantly see how the last 100 buyers spent their money. Using a clean, concise tool buyers are telling us what home qualities they most desire and how much money they’ll spend to get them.

This is very different from the typical agent who gives you their single opinion on everything including what they think buyers want and what they think your home might be worth.

Using Value Amp™ and then the entire Sell-Star System™ throughout your home sale process, you and your Clear Realty™ broker instantly see how hundreds of buyers voted for their favorite homes by how they spent their own money.

Instantly seeing hundreds of buyers’ actual actions is better than one agent’s opinion.

Highly skilled, experienced brokers on your side mixed with technologies maximizing your home’s value and minimizing your time on the market is Clear Realty™.